how to incubate an egg in Pokemon Go

How to Incubate an Egg in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go provides you with a number of different ways to acquire Pokemon Go. These options include catching them, battling in raids, and hatching eggs. If you’re new to Pokemon Go or haven’t fully explored the game’s interface, you might not realize that you have eggs, and that you can hatch them with the help … Read more

how to appraise a Pokemon in Pokemon Go

How to Appraise a Pokemon in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon that you catch in Pokemon Go can vary in a lot of ways. The obvious difference involves the “CP” of the Pokemon which, if you’ve caught more than one of a specific Pokemon, is visible whenever you view the Pokemon in the game. But each Pokemon also has individual levels, or “IVs” which … Read more

How to Rename a Pokemon in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go app on your iPhone gives you the ability to catch Pokemon in your real-world environment. These Pokemon can vary in their strength, and they can be powered up using two in-game mechanics called stardust and candy. Since the game incentivizes you to catch many of the same Pokemon, you may have trouble … Read more

How to Enable Battery Saver in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a fun game for the iPhone and Android that lets you interact with Pokemon in the real world. It rewards you for catching a large number of Pokemon, as well as interacting with waypoints called Pokestops where you can acquire some game resources. But due to the fact that the game rewards … Read more