How to Check Xbox Controller Battery on PC Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Checking the battery level of your Xbox controller on a Windows 11 PC is pretty simple. All you need to do is connect your controller and follow a few steps in the Xbox Accessories app. This guide will take you through the entire process to ensure you always know when your controller needs a charge or new batteries.

How to Check Xbox Controller Battery on PC Windows 11

Before diving into the steps, let’s talk about what we’ll accomplish here. You’ll learn how to use the Xbox Accessories app on your Windows 11 PC to check the battery level of your Xbox controller. This will help you avoid unexpected battery drain while gaming. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Connect Your Xbox Controller

First things first, you need to connect your Xbox controller to your Windows 11 PC.

You can use a USB cable or connect via Bluetooth. Make sure your controller is turned on. If you’re using Bluetooth, follow the standard pairing process to link your controller to your PC.

Step 2: Open the Microsoft Store

Next, open the Microsoft Store on your PC.

You can find the Microsoft Store in your Start menu or search for it in the taskbar. Open it to download the necessary app.

Step 3: Search for Xbox Accessories App

In the Microsoft Store, search for the Xbox Accessories app.

Type "Xbox Accessories" in the search bar and hit enter. This app is essential for monitoring your controller’s battery.

Step 4: Install the Xbox Accessories App

Click on the Xbox Accessories app and install it.

The installation process is straightforward. Just click "Get" or "Install" and wait for the app to download and install on your PC.

Step 5: Open the Xbox Accessories App

Once the app is installed, open it.

You can find it in your Start menu or look for it in the recently installed apps. Click on it to open.

Step 6: Check Your Controller Battery Level

With the app open, you’ll see your connected controller displayed. The battery level is shown on the main screen.

Look for the battery icon next to your controller’s image. This will give you a clear indication of how much juice your controller has left.

After completing these steps, you’ll see your controller’s battery level displayed in the Xbox Accessories app. This lets you know if it’s time to charge your controller or replace the batteries, ensuring uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Tips for Checking Xbox Controller Battery on PC Windows 11

  • Keep the Xbox Accessories App Handy: Make sure the app is easily accessible for quick battery checks.
  • Use a USB Cable When Possible: A wired connection can sometimes provide a more stable link, especially during updates.
  • Regularly Update the App: Ensure you have the latest version of the Xbox Accessories app for the best experience.
  • Monitor Battery Health: Keep an eye on how quickly your batteries are depleting to catch any issues early.
  • Use Rechargeable Batteries: Consider using rechargeable batteries to save money and reduce waste over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this method for all Xbox controllers?

Yes, this method works for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S controllers.

Do I need an internet connection to download the Xbox Accessories app?

Yes, you need an internet connection to access and download the app from the Microsoft Store.

Can I check the battery level without the Xbox Accessories app?

The Xbox Accessories app is the most reliable way. Other methods might not be as accurate.

Is there a way to check the battery level using Bluetooth settings?

No, Bluetooth settings on Windows 11 don’t show the battery level for Xbox controllers.

What should I do if my controller doesn’t appear in the Xbox Accessories app?

Try reconnecting the controller and ensure it’s properly paired with your PC.


  1. Connect your Xbox controller
  2. Open the Microsoft Store
  3. Search for Xbox Accessories app
  4. Install the Xbox Accessories app
  5. Open the Xbox Accessories app
  6. Check your controller battery level


So, there you have it! Checking the battery level of your Xbox controller on a Windows 11 PC is a breeze when you use the Xbox Accessories app. These simple steps ensure you never get caught off guard with a dead controller during an intense gaming session.

By keeping the app handy and following our tips, you can maintain a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience. Consider exploring other features in the Xbox Accessories app to enhance your gaming setup even further.

Need more info on other Xbox and Windows 11 features? Stay tuned and keep your gaming gear in top shape. Happy gaming!

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