How to Get Rid of Activate Windows Watermark in Windows 11

Ah, the pesky "Activate Windows" watermark. It’s like a fly buzzing around your brand-new Windows 11 screen. Annoying, isn’t it? But fear not, my friend! Getting rid of that watermark is simpler than you think. Just follow the steps I’m about to share, and you’ll have a clean, watermark-free screen in no time.

Step by Step Tutorial to Get Rid of Activate Windows Watermark Windows 11

Before we dive into the steps, let me tell you what we’re about to do. We’re going to use some built-in features of Windows 11 to remove that watermark. It’s a straightforward process, and you don’t need to be a tech wizard to follow along.

Step 1: Open Command Prompt as Administrator

Type "cmd" into the Windows search bar, right-click on Command Prompt, and select "Run as administrator".
Command Prompt is a powerful tool that can make changes to your system, so running it as an administrator gives it the permissions it needs.

Step 2: Enter the Removal Command

Type "slmgr /rearm" and hit Enter.
This command resets the licensing status of your machine, which can help remove the watermark if it’s appearing due to a licensing issue.

Step 3: Restart Your Computer

After the command has run, restart your computer to apply the changes.
The watermark should be gone when your system boots back up. If it’s still there, don’t worry—we have more tricks up our sleeve.

After completing these steps, you should be free of that annoying watermark. But, if by some chance it’s still lingering, we’ve got some extra tips to help you out.

Tips to Get Rid of Activate Windows Watermark Windows 11

  • Make sure your Windows 11 is activated. An unactivated version often displays the watermark.
  • Check for system updates. Sometimes, updating Windows 11 can resolve issues like this.
  • Try changing your wallpaper. A new background can sometimes refresh the screen and remove the watermark.
  • If you’re comfortable with editing the Registry, there’s a tweak that can remove the watermark. But be careful—incorrectly editing the Registry can cause system issues.
  • Consider contacting Microsoft Support if the watermark persists. It could be a sign of deeper licensing issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my Windows 11 is activated?

Go to Settings > System > Activation, and you’ll see if your Windows 11 is activated or not.

Can this watermark removal method harm my computer?

No, the methods I’ve described won’t harm your computer. They’re simple system commands and settings adjustments.

Will the watermark come back?

It shouldn’t, but if it does, just repeat the steps or check for other underlying issues.

Is it legal to remove the watermark?

Yes, as long as you have a legitimate copy of Windows 11, you’re just fixing a visual annoyance.

Can I remove the watermark without activating Windows 11?

Not permanently. The watermark is a reminder from Microsoft to activate your OS.


  1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator
  2. Enter the Removal Command
  3. Restart Your Computer


So there you have it, my tech-savvy comrades—a simple, step-by-step guide to getting rid of that pesky "Activate Windows" watermark on Windows 11. Remember, it’s essential to ensure your copy of Windows is activated and that you’re not running an illegitimate version. After all, we want to play by the rules, don’t we? Following the steps above should give you a clean, distraction-free display, and the additional tips are there to cover all bases. And if you hit a snag, Microsoft Support is just a few clicks away. So, get rid of that watermark and enjoy the sleek, unblemished interface of your Windows 11. Happy computing!

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