How to Stop Word from Capitalizing: Tips for Sentence Formatting

Hey, there! Have you ever been annoyed by Microsoft Word automatically capitalizing the first word of every sentence? It’s a handy feature for some but a nuisance for others, especially if you’re trying to write in a specific format. Let’s dive into how you can stop Word from doing this.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Stop Word from Capitalizing the First Word of a Sentence

Before we begin the step-by-step process, let me assure you that turning off this feature is simple. By following the steps below, you will prevent Word from automatically capitalizing the first word of your sentences.

Step 1: Open the Word document

Open the Microsoft Word document where you want to change the settings.

Step 2: Click on ‘File’

In the top left corner of Word, click on the ‘File’ tab to open the menu.

This step will take you to the backstage view of Word, where you’ll find various options for managing your document.

Step 3: Go to ‘Options’

At the bottom left of the menu, you’ll find and click on ‘Options.’

The Word Options dialog box is where you can customize your Word experience to fit your needs.

Step 4: Select ‘Proofing’

On the left sidebar of the Word Options dialog box, click on ‘Proofing.’

The Proofing section allows you to manage settings related to spelling and grammar checks in your document.

Step 5: Click on ‘AutoCorrect Options’

Under the Proofing tab, you will see a button that says ‘AutoCorrect Options.’ Click on it.

The AutoCorrect dialog box is where Word keeps all the settings that automatically correct your typing.

Step 6: Uncheck ‘Capitalize first letter of sentences’

In the AutoCorrect tab, look for the checkbox that says ‘Capitalize first letter of sentences’ and uncheck it.

By unchecking this box, you are telling Word not to automatically capitalize the first word of each sentence.

Step 7: Click ‘OK’

After unchecking the box, click ‘OK’ to save your changes.

This action will close the AutoCorrect dialog box and apply the changes you made to your document.

After completing these steps, Word will no longer auto-capitalize the first word of your sentences in the document. This change applies to the specific document you edited the settings in, so you’ll need to repeat the process if you want the same modification in other documents.

Tips for How to Stop Word from Capitalizing the First Word of a Sentence

  • Make sure to save your document before changing any settings in case you need to revert back.
  • If you want to apply this setting to all future documents, you will need to change the default template settings.
  • Remember that this setting will not affect the words following a period, question mark, or exclamation point if they are already capitalized.
  • If you accidentally capitalize a word and want to quickly change it to lowercase, you can use the shortcut Shift+F3.
  • Keep in mind that this setting does not affect the capitalization of proper nouns or the use of the Shift key to capitalize letters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this change affect all my Word documents?

No, this change will only apply to the document you are currently editing. You will need to repeat the process for other documents.

Can I revert the changes if I change my mind?

Yes, you can always go back to the AutoCorrect Options and recheck the ‘Capitalize first letter of sentences’ box to turn the feature back on.

Does this setting apply to other Microsoft Office applications?

The AutoCorrect settings are specific to each Office application, so changing it in Word will not affect Excel or PowerPoint.

Will this affect the way Word corrects other types of errors?

No, it will only disable the automatic capitalization of the first word in a sentence. Other AutoCorrect features will remain active.

Can I customize other AutoCorrect settings in Microsoft Word?

Yes, the AutoCorrect dialog box offers a variety of options that you can customize according to your preferences.


  1. Open the Word document.
  2. Click ‘File.’
  3. Go to ‘Options.’
  4. Select ‘Proofing.’
  5. Click ‘AutoCorrect Options.’
  6. Uncheck ‘Capitalize first letter of sentences.’
  7. Click ‘OK.’


Congratulations on taking control of your Microsoft Word settings! Knowing how to stop Word from capitalizing the first word of a sentence gives you the flexibility to write exactly as you please. Whether you’re a poet who revels in unconventional capitalization or a programmer jotting down lines of code, you now have the power to format your text in a way that best suits your needs.

Remember, while automation features in software like Word can be helpful, they don’t always suit everyone’s writing style. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the customization options available to ensure your writing tool works for you, not against you.

Keep experimenting with different settings and features within Word to find the perfect setup that complements your writing style. And don’t forget, if you ever need to re-enable automatic capitalization or tweak other settings, you can always revisit the AutoCorrect Options to make your adjustments. Happy writing!

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