How to Stop Automatically Capitalizing Words in Google Docs: A Guide

To stop automatically capitalizing words in Google Docs, you need to adjust the autocorrect settings. Simply navigate to “Tools” on the menu bar, select “Preferences,” and uncheck the box next to “Automatically capitalize words.” This quick tweak will prevent Google Docs from automatically capitalizing words as you type.

After completing this action, the Google Docs program will no longer auto-capitalize the first letter of sentences or any words it thinks are proper nouns. This gives you full control over capitalization in your document.


Have you ever been typing away in Google Docs only to find that it keeps capitalizing words you don’t want to be capitalized? It can be frustrating, especially if you’re going for a specific style or tone in your document. This feature, known as automatic capitalization, is meant to help users by automatically capitalizing the first word of a sentence or proper nouns. However, it doesn’t always get it right, does it?

Automatic capitalization can be particularly pesky if you’re writing in a format that doesn’t require standard capitalization, like poetry or certain types of creative writing. It may also interfere when you’re taking quick notes or drafting without concern for formatting. Regardless of your reasons, understanding how to disable this feature will save you time and ensure your document looks exactly the way you want it to. Let’s jump into how you can take control of your capitalization in Google Docs.

Step by Step Tutorial: Stopping Automatic Capitalization in Google Docs

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to know that by following this guide, you’ll stop Google Docs from automatically capitalizing words. This means you’ll have to manually capitalize your sentences, which can be a good thing if you want more control over how your document looks.

Step 1: Open the “Tools” Menu

To begin, click on “Tools” in the menu bar at the top of your Google Docs page.

In this step, you’re looking for the “Preferences” option, which is where you can adjust settings for how Google Docs operates while you type.

Step 2: Select “Preferences”

Once the “Tools” menu is open, find and select “Preferences” from the dropdown list.

The “Preferences” window is where you can customize several features, including automatic substitution, correction, and, of course, capitalization.

Step 3: Uncheck “Automatically capitalize words”

In the “Preferences” window, you will see a checkbox next to “Automatically capitalize words.” Simply uncheck this box.

By unchecking this box, you are telling Google Docs not to automatically capitalize any words. This change will apply to all documents you create or edit going forward.

Step 4: Save Changes by Clicking “OK”

To finalize your preference changes, click the “OK” button at the bottom of the “Preferences” window.

This step ensures that your changes are saved, and from this point on, words will not be automatically capitalized in your document.


Full Control Over CapitalizationBy disabling the automatic capitalization feature, you gain full control over how and when you capitalize words in your Google Docs.
Improved Accuracy for Non-Standard FormatsIf you’re working with a format that doesn’t adhere to traditional capitalization rules, turning off this feature will prevent unwanted capital letters from appearing.
Better for Languages without CapitalizationFor those typing in languages that don’t use capitalization, disabling this feature removes an unnecessary step in editing.


Manual Capitalization RequiredWithout the automatic feature, you have to remember to capitalize the necessary words yourself, which could slow down your typing process.
Increased Chance of TyposWith manual control, there’s an increased chance you might forget to capitalize when needed, leading to potential typos or errors in your document.
Less Helpful for Quick NotesIf you’re someone who relies on quick, automatic corrections when taking notes, you might find this change more of a hindrance than a help.

Additional Information

When it comes to writing in Google Docs, small features like automatic capitalization can make a big difference in your workflow. It’s all about finding the right balance between helpful automation and personal control over your document. If you’ve decided to turn off automatic capitalization, make sure to double-check your work for any capitalization errors that might slip through.

Another tip to keep in mind is that this setting is specific to Google Docs on the web, so if you use the mobile app, you’ll have to adjust the settings there separately. Also, remember that this change won’t affect previously capitalized words in your document; it only applies to your typing moving forward.

Lastly, while we’ve focused on stopping automatic capitalization, Google Docs has other useful settings in the “Preferences” section. Take some time to explore and you might find other features that you’d like to tweak to better suit your writing style.


  1. Open the “Tools” menu.
  2. Select “Preferences”.
  3. Uncheck “Automatically capitalize words”.
  4. Click “OK” to save changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this setting affect my entire Google Docs account or just the current document?

This setting will apply to all documents you work on within your Google Docs account.

Can I re-enable automatic capitalization later?

Absolutely! Just follow the same steps and re-check the “Automatically capitalize words” option.

Does turning off automatic capitalization affect auto-correct for spelling?

No, spelling auto-correct is a separate feature and will continue to function as normal.

Will this setting carry over if I use Google Docs on a different computer?

Yes, since the setting is tied to your Google account, it will carry over across different devices.

What if I only want to disable automatic capitalization for specific parts of a document?

Unfortunately, the setting is all-or-nothing within Google Docs, but you can manually adjust capitalization for specific sections after typing.


Managing automatic capitalization in Google Docs can be a game-changer for many users. It’s about personalizing your writing experience to fit your unique needs. Whether you’re crafting a poem or jotting down notes in a language that doesn’t use capital letters, knowing how to stop automatically capitalizing words in Google Docs puts you in charge.

Remember, writing is a personal process, and the tools you use should support your creative flow, not hinder it. Keep exploring, tweaking, and making the most of your digital writing space.

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