How to Make a Chart on Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Making a chart on Google Docs is a straightforward process. Begin by opening your Google Docs document, then click on “Insert” in the menu bar, select “Chart,” and choose the type of chart you want to create. You can pick from various chart styles, including bar, column, line, and pie charts. After selecting your chart, a default chart will be inserted into your document, which you can customize with your data.

Once you have inserted a chart, you can customize it by clicking on the chart and selecting the “Link to Spreadsheet” option. This will open a linked Google Sheets spreadsheet where you can input your data. The chart in your Google Docs document will automatically update to reflect the changes made in the spreadsheet.


Have you ever found yourself in need of presenting data in a visually appealing way in your document? Perhaps you’re a student trying to visually represent research findings or a business professional creating a report for stakeholders. Whatever the case, charts can be a powerful tool to convey information quickly and effectively. Fortunately, Google Docs provides a simple way to create and customize charts within your documents.

Charts are relevant to anyone looking to present data or information clearly and concisely. They are versatile and can be used in various contexts, from academic papers to business reports, to personal projects. Understanding how to create a chart in Google Docs not only enhances the presentation of your document but also improves the reader’s ability to comprehend and retain the information. It’s a skill that can be leveraged in almost any field or endeavor. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process step by step, making it easy for you to create a chart in Google Docs like a pro.

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Step by Step Tutorial on How to Make a Chart on Google Docs

The following steps will guide you through creating and customizing a chart in Google Docs, ultimately leading to a polished and informative final product.

Step 1: Open Google Docs and Select Chart

Begin by opening your Google Docs document and click on “Insert” in the menu.

In the drop-down menu under “Insert,” you will find the option for “Chart.” Hover over it, and you will see different types of charts you can create: bar, column, line, and pie charts. Select the one that best fits the data you’re trying to present.

Step 2: Customize Your Chart

Click on the chart in your document and choose “Link to Spreadsheet.”

After inserting the default chart, you will want to customize it with your data. By clicking on the chart and selecting “Link to Spreadsheet,” you will open a linked Google Sheets spreadsheet. Input your specific data here, and watch as the chart in your document updates automatically to match.

Step 3: Edit Chart Appearance

Customize your chart’s appearance by selecting it and clicking on the three vertical dots.

Once your chart reflects your data correctly, you might want to change its appearance to match your document’s style or emphasize certain aspects. By clicking on the three vertical dots on the upper right corner of the chart, you can edit the chart’s colors, font, and other design elements.


Easy to UseGoogle Docs charts are user-friendly and easy to insert and customize, even for beginners.
Automatically UpdatesThe charts are linked to Google Sheets, so any changes in the data will automatically update the chart in the document.
Variety of OptionsThere are multiple chart types available, enabling users to pick the best one to represent their data effectively.


Limited CustomizationWhile Google Docs charts offer some customization options, they may not be as advanced or detailed as those in dedicated charting software.
Internet DependencyGoogle Docs requires an internet connection to access and edit documents, which could be restrictive for some users.
Potential for ClutterIf not used judiciously, inserting too many charts can make a document look cluttered and overwhelm the reader.

Additional Information

Creating charts in Google Docs is a simple yet effective way to enhance your documents and presentations. However, there are some additional aspects to consider for optimal results. For instance, understanding your audience and the message you want to convey is crucial in selecting the right type of chart. Moreover, while Google Docs charts are linked to Google Sheets, you can also import data from other sources, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Always remember to double-check the data you input for accuracy, as the chart will only be as good as the information provided. Finally, while Google Docs provides a range of chart types, consider whether your data might be better represented using an alternative visualization method, such as a table or infographic.

In summary, while Google Docs may not offer the exhaustive capabilities of a dedicated charting tool, it still stands out for its ease of use and accessibility. With the ability to automatically update and the range of charts available, it’s a fantastic tool for anyone looking to present data in a clean, clear, and professional manner.


  1. Open Google Docs and click “Insert” to select a chart.
  2. Click on the chart and select “Link to Spreadsheet” to input your data.
  3. Customize the chart’s appearance by clicking on the three vertical dots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import data from Excel into Google Docs for my chart?

Yes, you can import Excel data into Google Sheets, which can then be used to create and update your chart in Google Docs.

Are there limitations on the amount of data I can use in my chart?

While there’s no strict limit, too much data can make a chart difficult to read. It’s best to only include the most relevant information.

Can I add labels and legends to my chart?

Yes, you can add labels and legends for clarity by customizing the chart in the editing options.

Is it possible to create a chart in Google Docs on mobile devices?

Yes, you can create and edit charts in the Google Docs app on mobile devices, although the experience may be more limited compared to using a desktop.

Can I collaborate with others on my chart in Google Docs?

Absolutely! As with any Google Docs document, you can share and collaborate with others in real-time.


Creating a chart on Google Docs is an easy and efficient way to visually communicate data within your documents. The process is straightforward and adaptable, allowing for real-time updates and collaboration. Although there are some limitations to the customization options and potential overuse can clutter your document, the pros undoubtedly outweigh the cons.

With practice and an understanding of your audience’s needs, you can leverage Google Docs charts to significantly enhance the quality and impact of your presentations and reports. Remember, a well-crafted chart can not only complement your written content but also provide a potent visual argument in just a glance.

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