How to Share a Web Page Link on iPhone 13

While browsing through Safari on your iPhone, you may come across a product or Web page that you believe another person would be interested in. Instead of explaining it to them, you might be asking how to send a link from your iPhone.

The Safari Web browser is an excellent alternative for iPhone owners. While it has some limitations when compared to a desktop or laptop Web browser, its capability is sufficient that you may find yourself doing the majority of your browsing on Safari.

You may come upon a Web page that you believe someone else would like to see, and you may be seeking for a way to do it. While describing the search phrase or method you took to reach that page may be an option for assisting them in finding it, the quickest way to share a Web page with someone is through a link. The following article will show you how to send a Web page link as a text message on your iPhone.

For more information on this issue, watch this video on how to share a Web page link on iPhone 13.

Summary – How to Send a Link via Text Message on an iPhone

  1. Launch Safari.
  2. Navigate to the page you want to share.
  3. Select the Share option.
  4. Click Messages.
  5. Fill out the contact information.
  6. Press the Send button.

Our post continues below with further details on texting a link from an iPhone, including screenshots of the process.

How to Text a Web Page Link on an iPhone

The procedures in this article were carried out using an iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 10.3.3. You will be using Safari to navigate to a Web page, then sending a link to that Web page through text message. The receiver can then touch on the link to visit the page on their device.

Step 1: Launch the Safari web browser.

Step 2: Navigate to the Web page you’d like to share, then press the Share icon at the bottom of the screen.

Swipe down on the screen if you don’t see the menu at the bottom.

Step 3: Select the Message option.

how to share a Web page link on iPhone 13

Step 4: In the top field, type the contact name or phone number of the person to whom you wish to send the link, add any desired comment under the link, and then touch the Send button.

Now that you know how to share a Web page link on iPhone 13, you can have a much easier time letting someone know about something that you’ve found around the Web.

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Video About Sharing an iPhone Link

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