iOS 17: How to Get Smiley Face on iPhone Keyboard

To get a smiley face on your iPhone keyboard in iOS 17, you simply need to switch to the emoji keyboard and select the smiley face you want to use. It’s a quick and easy process that adds a fun touch to your messages.

You can also watch this video about how to get the smiley face on an iPhone keyboard for additional info.

Step by Step Tutorial: Getting Smiley Face on Keyboard in iOS 17

When you’re texting or typing on your iPhone, sometimes words just aren’t enough. You need to express yourself with a smiley face! But how exactly do you add that little touch of joy to your messages? No worries, it’s super simple.

Step 1: Open the Keyboard

Open any app that allows you to type, such as Messages or Notes.

When you want to write something, the keyboard will automatically appear. If it doesn’t, tap on the text field to bring it up.

Step 2: Switch to the Emoji Keyboard

Tap the smiley face icon or the globe icon at the bottom of the keyboard.

This will switch your keyboard to the emoji keyboard. If you don’t see the smiley face or globe icon, you may need to add the emoji keyboard in your settings.

Step 3: Select the Smiley Face

Scroll through the emoji options until you find the smiley face you want to use and tap it.

The smiley face will appear in your text, ready to send a little happiness to whoever you’re messaging.

After you complete these steps, the smiley face will be inserted into your text. You can continue typing or send your message as is. The emoji will add a fun and personal touch to your communication.

Tips for Using Smiley Faces in iOS 17

  • Experiment with different smiley faces to express a range of emotions.
  • Remember that emojis can look different on different devices, so choose wisely.
  • You can use the search function in the emoji keyboard to find the perfect smiley face.
  • Add frequently used smiley faces to your “Frequently Used” section for quicker access.
  • Combine smiley faces with text to enhance the meaning of your message.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add the emoji keyboard if it’s not available?

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard and select “Emoji.”

Can I use smiley faces in all apps on my iPhone?

Yes, as long as the app supports typing, you can use smiley faces.

Will the smiley faces I send be visible on non-Apple devices?

Generally, yes, but they might look slightly different depending on the device and platform.

Can I create my own smiley faces?

While you can’t create emoji within the keyboard, you can use characters and symbols to make text-based smiley faces.

Is there a limit to how many smiley faces I can use in a message?

No, you can use as many as you like, but remember that too many can make your message hard to read.


  1. Open the keyboard
  2. Switch to the emoji keyboard
  3. Select the smiley face


Adding smiley faces to your messages on an iPhone with iOS 17 is a breeze. It’s all about knowing where to find them and how to access your emoji keyboard. Once you’ve mastered these simple steps, you can add a whole new level of expression to your texts and posts. It’s a small touch, but it can make a big difference in how your messages are received. So go ahead, brighten someone’s day with a smiley face – it’s just a few taps away. And who knows, maybe that little emoji will be just the thing to turn a blah conversation into a burst of laughter. Keep experimenting with different emoji combinations for even more fun!

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