How to Display the Document Panel in Word 2019: A Step-by-Step Guide

Need to display the Document Panel in Word 2019? It’s a handy feature that allows you to access and edit document properties quickly. Here’s a quick overview: open Word, go to File, click on Info, and then click on the Properties drop-down menu. Select “Show Document Panel,” and voilà! You’re all set.

Step by Step Tutorial: Display the Document Panel in Word 2019

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to know that the Document Panel is a great tool for managing metadata. This includes the title, author name, keywords, and other details that can help organize and locate your document easily.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word 2019

Open your Word application to begin the process.

Once you have Word open, you’re ready to find the Document Panel. Make sure you have a document open or create a new one to see the changes as you follow these steps.

Step 2: Click on the ‘File’ Tab

Look for the ‘File’ tab in the upper left corner and click it.

Clicking the ‘File’ tab will take you to the backstage view, where you can manage your document’s properties and settings.

Step 3: Select ‘Info’ from the sidebar

In the sidebar, you will see an option for ‘Info.’ Click it.

The ‘Info’ section is where you can find details about the document, such as size, version history, and permissions.

Step 4: Click on ‘Properties’ Drop-down Menu

Find the ‘Properties’ drop-down menu on the right side and click it.

This menu is where you can access various property options for your document.

Step 5: Choose ‘Show Document Panel’

In the drop-down menu, select ‘Show Document Panel.’

After clicking this, the Document Panel will appear at the top of your document, allowing you to edit the properties directly.

After completing these steps, the Document Panel will be visible above your document, making it easy to access and edit key details at any time.

Tips: Display the Document Panel in Word 2019

  • Make sure you’re using Word 2019, as the steps may differ in other versions.
  • The Document Panel is also useful for adding custom properties.
  • If the Document Panel doesn’t show up, try restarting Word.
  • Remember to save your document after editing properties in the Document Panel.
  • You can hide the Document Panel by repeating the steps and unchecking the “Show Document Panel” option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access the Document Panel in Word Online?

No, the Document Panel is not available in Word Online. It’s only accessible in the desktop version of Word 2019.

What if the Document Panel option is greyed out?

If the option is greyed out, make sure you have an active document open and that you’re not in Read Mode.

Can I add custom properties in the Document Panel?

Yes, you can add custom properties by clicking on the “Document Properties” drop-down and selecting “Advanced Properties.”

Is the Document Panel available in all languages?

The Document Panel should be available in all languages supported by Word 2019.

What happens if I close the Document Panel?

If you close the Document Panel, your properties will be saved, but you will need to reopen it to make further edits.


  1. Open Microsoft Word 2019.
  2. Click on the ‘File’ Tab.
  3. Select ‘Info’ from the sidebar.
  4. Click on ‘Properties’ Drop-down Menu.
  5. Choose ‘Show Document Panel.’


Displaying the Document Panel in Word 2019 is a simple yet effective way to manage your document’s metadata. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can streamline your document organization and ensure all the necessary details are easily accessible and editable. Remember, being able to quickly access and update your document properties can significantly improve your workflow and document management.

However, it’s important to note that while the Document Panel is a powerful feature, it’s just one aspect of Word 2019’s robust toolset. There are countless features and tricks to discover that can enhance your productivity and document creation experience. So, don’t stop at the Document Panel; explore Word’s capabilities to become a true power user.

And if you ever find yourself stuck or in need of a refresher, come back to this article for guidance. With these steps fresh in your mind and a bit of practice, you’ll be a pro at displaying the Document Panel in Word 2019 in no time!

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