How to Print Document Properties by Default in Word: 2024 Guide

Printing document properties in Word by default can be a handy feature if you frequently need to include metadata like author, title, or file name in your printed documents. It’s a simple process that involves a few clicks within the Word program. After reading this article, you’ll be able to set up your Word document to print its properties automatically every time.

Step by Step Tutorial: Printing Document Properties by Default in Word

Before we dive into the steps, it’s essential to understand that printing document properties means including details such as the document’s author, title, subject, keywords, and comments in the printout. These properties can be beneficial for reference, especially when dealing with multiple documents.

Step 1: Open the Word Document

Open the Word document you want to print the properties for.

Opening the document is the first and most straightforward step. Ensure that the document is the final version, as any changes after setting up the print properties may not be reflected.

Step 2: Access the File Menu

Click on the ‘File’ tab in the top left corner of the Word window.

The File menu is where you’ll find all the options for managing your Word document, including printing preferences.

Step 3: Go to Print Settings

Select ‘Print’ from the list of options on the left-hand side of the screen.

In the Print settings, you’ll find various options to customize your printout, including which printer to use, the number of copies, and other settings.

Step 4: Print All Document Properties

Under the ‘Settings’ section, click on the first drop-down menu and choose ‘Print All Pages.’ Then, look for the ‘Print Document Properties’ option and select it.

Selecting ‘Print Document Properties’ will ensure that all metadata associated with the document will be included in the printout. This option may be located in a different place depending on the version of Word you are using.

Step 5: Save the Default Setting (Optional)

If you want to make this a default setting for all future print jobs, click on ‘Set As Default’ at the bottom of the Print settings.

By saving the default setting, you won’t have to repeat these steps each time you want to print document properties. This option is helpful if you consistently need the properties printed.

After completing these steps, the document properties will be printed along with the content of your Word document. This inclusion can be a great way to keep track of document details without having to go back into the file on your computer.

Tips for Printing Document Properties by Default in Word

  • Always double-check the properties before printing to ensure accuracy.
  • Consider creating a template with the print settings saved if you’re using this feature for multiple documents.
  • Remember that printing properties might use additional ink and paper, so use this feature judiciously.
  • If printing confidential documents, make sure to remove or edit properties that should not be shared.
  • Use the ‘Preview’ feature before printing to see how the properties will appear on the printed document.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to print document properties?

Printing document properties can help you keep track of important information about the document, such as the author’s name, the date it was created, and any keywords associated with it.

Can I select specific properties to print?

Yes, you can choose to print specific properties by manually entering them in the header or footer section of your document.

Will printing document properties work on all printers?

As long as the printer is compatible with your version of Word and can handle the document’s format, it should print the properties without any issues.

Can I save these settings for future use?

Yes, you can save the settings by clicking on ‘Set As Default’ in the Print menu. This will apply the properties printout to all future documents until you change the settings again.

Are document properties included when I print to PDF?

Yes, when you print a Word document to PDF, the document properties can be included if you have selected the option to print them.


  1. Open the Word document.
  2. Access the File menu.
  3. Go to Print settings.
  4. Print all document properties.
  5. Save the default setting (optional).


Printing document properties by default in Word is a straightforward process that can significantly benefit those who handle multiple documents. By embedding crucial metadata into the printouts, you can enhance document traceability and accountability. This feature not only saves time but also ensures that each printed copy of your document carries its identity, making it easier to organize and track changes. As we move further into the digital age, features like printing document properties can bridge the gap between digital and physical documentation, reinforcing the importance of metadata in our everyday workflow. Remember, whether you’re printing a one-time report or setting up templates for regular use, the ability to print document properties by default in Word is a small change that can make a big difference in how you manage your documents.

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