How to Share Internet from iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sharing internet from your iPhone can be as simple as flipping a switch. You’ll enable a Wi-Fi hotspot that other devices can connect to, just like connecting to a regular Wi-Fi network. All you need is a cellular data connection and a few taps in the settings menu.

After you’ve set up the hotspot, any device with Wi-Fi capabilities can connect to the internet through your iPhone’s data connection. Just remember that it will use your phone’s data allowance, so keep an eye on your usage to avoid extra charges.


Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you needed an internet connection for your laptop or tablet, but there was no Wi-Fi to be found? Maybe you’re on a road trip, and the kids are itching to stream their favorite shows on the iPad. Or perhaps you’re out at a coffee shop trying to get some work done, and their Wi-Fi is down. Fear not, because if you have your iPhone with you, you’ve got a personal hotspot in your pocket!

Sharing your iPhone’s internet connection can be a lifesaver in many situations. It’s a feature that turns your iPhone into a wireless router, allowing other devices to connect to the internet using your phone’s mobile data. This can be handy for people who travel frequently, anyone without a stable home internet connection, or in areas where public Wi-Fi is either unsafe or unavailable. It’s also great for emergencies or as a backup when your home internet goes down. Let’s dive into how you can share your iPhone’s internet with other devices.

How to Share Internet from iPhone Tutorial

This section will guide you through the process of setting up your iPhone as a hotspot, allowing other devices to connect to the internet through it.

Step 1: Open Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

In the Settings menu, you’ll find a host of options. For now, we’re interested in the ‘Personal Hotspot’ or sometimes just ‘Hotspot’ setting, which is usually located near the top of the list, just below ‘Mobile Data’ or ‘Cellular’.

Step 2: Tap on Personal Hotspot

Tap on the ‘Personal Hotspot’ or ‘Hotspot’ option.

Once you’re in the Personal Hotspot menu, you’ll see a switch to turn the feature on and off. You’ll also see options to set a Wi-Fi password for your hotspot, which is important for keeping your connection secure.

Step 3: Toggle on Allow Others to Join

Flip the switch next to ‘Allow Others to Join’.

Turning on this option allows other devices to see and connect to your iPhone’s hotspot. Remember to choose a strong password to prevent unauthorized access to your data connection.


ConvenienceHaving the ability to share your iPhone’s internet connection means you can get online virtually anywhere, anytime.
SecurityYou control who connects to your hotspot by setting a password, which is more secure than many public Wi-Fi options.
Emergency BackupIf your home or office internet goes down, your iPhone’s hotspot can keep you connected until the issue is resolved.


Data UsageUsing your iPhone as a hotspot can quickly consume your data allowance, potentially leading to extra charges.
Battery DrainRunning a hotspot will significantly reduce your iPhone’s battery life.
Speed LimitationsThe speed of your hotspot connection might not match your usual home or office internet speeds.

Additional Information

When sharing internet from your iPhone, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your data usage. Depending on your mobile plan, you might have a limited amount of data to use each month, and going over that limit can result in additional charges. It’s also important to remember that the speed of the internet connection shared from your iPhone will depend on the strength of your cellular signal. If you’re in an area with poor reception, your hotspot’s speed may suffer.

Another tip is to make sure your iPhone is charged or plugged into a power source while it’s being used as a hotspot. This functionality can drain your battery quickly, especially with multiple devices connected. If you’re planning to use your hotspot for an extended period, it’s a good idea to have a charger handy.

If you’re sharing your iPhone’s internet with friends or family, make sure they disconnect from the hotspot when they’re done. This will help conserve your data and battery life. Also, be mindful of security; only share your hotspot password with people you trust.

Lastly, keep in mind that not all cellular plans allow for hotspot usage, or they may have specific limits and requirements. It’s always a good idea to check with your carrier to understand your plan’s details regarding hotspot usage.


  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the ‘Personal Hotspot’ or ‘Hotspot’ option.
  3. Flip the switch next to ‘Allow Others to Join’.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the password for my iPhone’s hotspot?

The password for your hotspot can be found in the Personal Hotspot settings. You can also change it to something more memorable if you wish.

Can I connect multiple devices to my iPhone’s hotspot?

Yes, you can connect multiple devices to your hotspot, but keep in mind that this will use more data and battery.

Will my iPhone’s hotspot work with any Wi-Fi-enabled device?

Most devices that are Wi-Fi-enabled should be able to connect to your iPhone’s hotspot without any issues.

Can I use my iPhone’s hotspot while I’m on a call?

Yes, you can use your iPhone’s hotspot while you’re on a call, but it may affect call quality or internet speed.

Does using my iPhone as a hotspot use cellular data?

Yes, using your iPhone as a hotspot uses data from your cellular plan.


Sharing internet from your iPhone is a feature that can come in handy in many situations. Whether you’re in a pinch and need an emergency internet connection, or you’re simply looking to provide Wi-Fi for a friend, your iPhone’s hotspot functionality has got you covered.

Just remember to keep an eye on your data usage and battery life, and always secure your hotspot with a strong password. With the ability to turn your iPhone into a mobile Wi-Fi router, the internet is always at your fingertips.

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