How to Turn Off Behind the Lyrics on Spotify iPhone App: A Step-by-Step Guide

Turning off the “Behind the Lyrics” feature on your Spotify iPhone app is a straightforward process that can enhance your listening experience if you find the pop-up facts and stories distracting. All it takes is a few taps within the app settings, and you’ll be back to enjoying your music without interruption.

Step by Step Tutorial to Turn Off Behind the Lyrics on the Spotify iPhone App

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s clarify what we’re about to do. By following these steps, you will disable the “Behind the Lyrics” feature, which means no more pop-up trivia or song insights while you’re jamming to your favorite tunes.

Step 1: Open Spotify App

Open your Spotify app on your iPhone.

When you open the app, make sure you’re logged into your account. You’ll usually find yourself on the ‘Home’ tab.

Step 2: Go to Your Library

Tap on the ‘Your Library’ icon at the bottom of the screen.

Your Library is where you’ll find all your saved songs, playlists, and podcasts. It’s the second icon from the right.

Step 3: Access Settings

Tap on the gear icon in the top right corner to access your settings.

The gear icon is your gateway to all the customizable options Spotify offers, including privacy settings and playback preferences.

Step 4: Scroll to Playback

In the settings menu, scroll down until you find the ‘Playback’ section.

The Playback section houses features that affect how you listen to music, like gapless playback and crossfade.

Step 5: Toggle Off Behind the Lyrics

Find the ‘Behind the Lyrics’ option and toggle the switch off.

The toggle switch should move to the left and turn from green to grey, indicating that ‘Behind the Lyrics’ is now off.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your Spotify app will no longer display the ‘Behind the Lyrics’ feature when you play songs. This means you can enjoy your music without any additional information popping up on your screen. If you ever change your mind and want to learn more about the songs you’re listening to, you can always come back and turn the feature back on.

Tips for an Enhanced Spotify Experience

  • Regularly update your Spotify app to ensure you have access to the latest features and improvements.
  • Customize your audio quality settings to match your listening preferences and data plan.
  • Explore the ‘Private Session’ feature if you prefer to keep your listening activity to yourself.
  • Take advantage of Spotify’s offline mode to save data and listen to music without an internet connection.
  • Create and share playlists to discover new music and connect with friends over shared tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Behind the Lyrics?

Behind the Lyrics provides fun facts, song insights, and artist quotes as the music plays.

Can I turn Behind the Lyrics back on after disabling it?

Yes, you can re-enable it at any time by following the same steps and toggling the switch on.

Will turning off Behind the Lyrics affect my music recommendations?

No, it won’t impact the personalized playlists and recommendations Spotify creates for you.

Does Behind the Lyrics use extra data?

Marginally, as it needs to load additional content, but the increase is negligible for most users.

Is Behind the Lyrics available for all songs?

No, it’s only available for select tracks where Spotify has curated content to display.


  1. Open the Spotify app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on ‘Your Library’.
  3. Tap on the gear icon to access settings.
  4. Scroll to the ‘Playback’ section.
  5. Toggle off the ‘Behind the Lyrics’ option.


In conclusion, whether you’re someone who loves diving into the stories behind your favorite songs or you prefer an uninterrupted music experience, Spotify provides the flexibility to customize your listening experience to suit your preferences. Turning off the “Behind the Lyrics” on the Spotify iPhone app is just one example of how the platform empowers users to tailor their app’s functionality. Remember, personalizing your Spotify settings is all about enhancing your listening experience, so don’t be afraid to explore and adjust other features as well. Happy listening, and enjoy your newly distraction-free music experience on Spotify!

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