iOS 17: Customizing Text Message Sounds on iPhone

Changing the text message sound on your iPhone is simpler than you think. Head to your ‘Settings’ app, tap on ‘Sounds & Haptics’, select ‘Text Tone’, and choose your desired sound. Voila! You’ve set a new tone for your text messages.

After completing this action, every text message you receive will play the sound you selected. This way, you can easily distinguish between other notifications and a new text message, ensuring you never miss an important message again.

You can also check out this video about how to change the text message sound on an iPhone for more information.


Every iPhone user knows the importance of personalization. From wallpapers to ring tones, personal touches make your device uniquely yours. One aspect of this customization is the text message sound. Have you ever been in a room where someone gets a text, and everyone checks their phone because they all have the default ‘Note’ sound? It’s pretty confusing, right? Changing your text message sound can not only help you distinguish your notifications from others but can also be a fun way to express your personality through your device.

For iPhone users, the release of iOS 17 brought about new sounds and further customization options, making it a breeze to switch up your text notifications. Whether you’re a business professional who needs a subtle tone for the office, or someone who likes to keep it quirky with a snippet from your favorite song, altering your text message sound can be both practical and enjoyable. And guess what? It’s not just tech-savvy teenagers who are doing this. With the intuitive interface of iOS 17, anyone can easily change their text message sound in just a few taps, making this feature relevant to all iPhone users.

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A Step by Step Tutorial

This section will guide you through the process of changing your text message sound on an iPhone running iOS 17.

Step 1: Open ‘Settings’

Start by opening the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone.

In the ‘Settings’ app, you’ll find a plethora of options for customizing your iPhone. But for now, we’re focusing on the sounds.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Sounds & Haptics’

Scroll down and select ‘Sounds & Haptics’ from the list.

‘Sounds & Haptics’ is where you can control the audio and vibration patterns for different functions on your iPhone.

Step 3: Choose ‘Text Tone’

Under the ‘Sounds and Vibration Patterns’ section, tap on ‘Text Tone’.

This section allows you to set the tone for various notifications. We’re looking to change the sound for text messages specifically.

Step 4: Select Your Desired Sound

Browse through the list of sounds and select the one you like.

You can preview each sound by tapping on it before making your final choice.


There are several benefits to changing your text message sound.


It allows for personalization of your device.

A unique text tone can reflect your personality or mood, making your iPhone feel more ‘you’.


It helps you distinguish your notifications from others.

Never again will you have to wonder if that text was for you or the person next to you.

Avoid Missed Messages

It reduces the chances of missing important messages.

By choosing a distinctive sound, you can quickly identify when you’ve received a text without constantly checking your phone.


There are a few drawbacks to consider as well.

Limited Choices

There are limited built-in sound options.

While iOS 17 offers a variety of sounds, you may find the selection restrictive if you’re looking for something very specific.

No Custom Sounds

You cannot use custom sounds without additional steps.

Unfortunately, you can’t just pick any sound file from your music library; it requires a workaround to set it as a text tone.

Potential Distraction

Unique sounds can be distracting in certain environments.

In professional or quiet settings, a loud or unusual text tone might be inappropriate or disruptive.

Video About Changing Text Sound

Additional Information

While the task of changing your text message sound is straightforward, there are a few additional tips you might find useful. Did you know that you can also set different text tones for individual contacts? This means you can know who’s texting you without even looking at your phone! To do this, simply go to the contact in question, tap ‘Edit’, and select ‘Text Tone’ to assign a specific sound.

Also, if you’re someone who likes to have a different text tone every day, iOS 17 makes it easy to quickly switch between sounds. Furthermore, if you’re finding the built-in selection lacking, you can purchase additional tones from the iTunes Store or create your own using GarageBand.


  1. Open ‘Settings’ app.
  2. Tap on ‘Sounds & Haptics’.
  3. Choose ‘Text Tone’.
  4. Select your desired sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set a song as my text tone?

Yes, but it requires you to create a shorter version of the song using an app like GarageBand, then setting it as your tone.

Will changing my text tone affect my ringtone?

No, your text tone and ringtone settings are separate, so changing one will not affect the other.

Can I set different text tones for different contacts?

Absolutely! Just go to the contact, tap ‘Edit’, and select a unique text tone for each person.

How do I purchase new text tones?

You can buy additional tones from the iTunes Store, which you can access through the ‘Sounds & Haptics’ settings.

Are there any free text tones available beyond the default ones?

While iOS 17 doesn’t offer additional free sounds, there are third-party apps that provide free tones, but be cautious about their quality and security.


In the world of iPhones, personalizing your text message sound is a simple yet effective way to make your device feel more like an extension of yourself. With iOS 17, the process has become even more user-friendly, ensuring anyone can add that personal touch without hassle. Whether you opt for a subtle chime or a snippet of your favorite tune, changing your text tone not only sets you apart from the crowd but also enhances your user experience.

So, why not dive into your settings and start experimenting with different sounds? Who knows, that perfect text tone could be waiting for you just a few taps away. And if you’re feeling creative, remember that you can always create your own unique sound to truly stand out. Happy customizing!

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