Using Emojis in Outlook on Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Emojis have become a staple in digital communication, adding a splash of emotion and personality to our messages. If you’re using Outlook on Windows 11, you might be wondering how to incorporate these colorful icons into your emails. Don’t worry; it’s a breeze! With a few quick steps, you can add that perfect smiley, thumbs up, or any other emoji to your Outlook messages, making your emails more engaging and expressive.

Step by Step Tutorial: Using Emojis in Outlook on Windows 11

Before we dive into the steps, let’s talk about why you’d want to add emojis to your Outlook emails. Emojis can convey tone, soften a message, or simply make your email more friendly and approachable. Now, let’s get to the steps to achieve this.

Step 1: Open a New Email Message in Outlook

Open Outlook and click on ‘New Email’ to start composing a message.

When you open a new email message, you’ll see the usual formatting options like font style, size, and color. But for emojis, we’ll be looking at a different part of the menu.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Insert’ Tab

In the new email window, click on the ‘Insert’ tab located at the top of the message window.

The ‘Insert’ tab is where you’ll find different options to add various elements to your email, including tables, pictures, and, of course, emojis.

Step 3: Select ‘Emoji’ from the Insert Menu

Within the ‘Insert’ tab, look for the ‘Emoji’ option and click on it.

Once you click on ‘Emoji,’ a window will pop up displaying a variety of emojis grouped into categories. You can scroll through and select the one that fits your message.

Step 4: Choose Your Desired Emoji

Browse through the selection and click on the emoji you’d like to insert into your email.

After choosing your emoji, it will appear in your email where your cursor is placed. You can add as many emojis as you want, just like in any other messaging platform.

Step 5: Place Your Emoji in the Email

Simply click on the spot in your email where you want the emoji to go, then click on the emoji to insert it.

Remember to use emojis appropriately and sparingly. Too many emojis can be overwhelming and might make your email look unprofessional.

After completing these steps, you’ll see your chosen emojis in your email, ready to be sent to your recipients. Emojis can help add a personal touch to your messages, and with Outlook on Windows 11, it’s easy to sprinkle them throughout your correspondence.

Tips for Using Emojis in Outlook on Windows 11

  • Use emojis that are relevant to the content of your message.
  • Don’t overdo it; too many emojis can clutter your message and distract from the main content.
  • Consider your audience; emojis may not be suitable for more formal or professional emails.
  • Use emojis to convey tone, but don’t rely on them solely to convey important information.
  • Remember that how emojis display can vary depending on the recipient’s email client and device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use custom emojis in Outlook on Windows 11?

Outlook supports a wide range of standard emojis, but it doesn’t allow for the use of custom emojis.

Do emojis look the same on all devices and email clients?

No, emojis can appear differently depending on the recipient’s email client and device, as different platforms have their own emoji designs.

Is it appropriate to use emojis in professional emails?

It depends on the workplace culture and context of the email. In some cases, a well-placed emoji can be appropriate, but it’s best to use them sparingly and with discretion in professional settings.

Can I add emojis to the subject line of an Outlook email?

Yes, you can add emojis to the subject line by following the same steps to insert them into the body of the email.

Are there keyboard shortcuts for inserting emojis in Outlook?

Yes, you can use the Windows key + ‘.’ or ‘;’ keyboard shortcut to bring up the emoji panel in Outlook and other Windows applications.


  1. Open a new email message in Outlook.
  2. Click on the ‘Insert’ tab.
  3. Select ‘Emoji’ from the Insert menu.
  4. Choose the desired emoji.
  5. Place the emoji in the email.


Emojis have undeniably found their way into our everyday digital interactions, and using them in Outlook on Windows 11 is no exception. They can enhance the clarity of our messages, emphasize our sentiments, and even introduce a bit of fun into the monotonous routine of email communication. However, the key is to use them sensibly and contextually. It’s crucial to remember that while emojis can emphasize our message’s emotional tone, they should never replace the actual content. With the step-by-step tutorial provided, integrating emojis into your Outlook emails should be a cinch, making your communications more colorful and lively. So, go ahead and give it a try – your recipients might just appreciate that extra dash of personality in your emails!

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