Remove the Page Number from a Title Page in Word: 2024 Guide

Got a title page in your Word document you want to keep clean and professional? No problem! Let’s quickly remove that pesky page number from your title page without affecting the rest of your document. Here’s the lowdown: hop into the header/footer section, uncheck ‘Link to Previous’, and delete the page number. Easy-peasy, right? Now let’s dive into the specifics!

Step by Step Tutorial: Remove the Page Number from a Title Page in Word

Before we start clicking away, let’s understand what we’re about to do. We’ll be diving into the header/footer area of your Word document, tweaking a few settings, and voila, your title page will be as clean as a whistle without a number in sight.

Step 1: Open the Header/Footer Section

Double-click the header or footer area on your title page to open it.

When you double-click the top or bottom of your page, a new tab called ‘Header & Footer Tools’ will appear on the ribbon. This is where all the magic happens.

Step 2: Unlink the Title Page

Select the ‘Different First Page’ option in the ‘Header & Footer Tools’ tab.

By checking this box, you’re telling Word that you want the first page (your title page) to have a different header and footer than the rest of the document—essentially giving it special treatment.

Step 3: Delete the Page Number

Delete the page number from the title page’s header or footer.

Now that you’ve unlinked the first page, simply select the page number and press the delete key. The rest of your document will still have page numbers, but your title page will be clear.

After completing these steps, your title page will be free of any numbers, giving it a clean, professional look. The rest of your document will still have page numbers, starting from the second page—just as it should be.

Tips: Remove the Page Number from a Title Page in Word

  • Always make sure you’re in the ‘Print Layout’ view to see the headers and footers.
  • Remember that ‘Link to Previous’ is crucial; it needs to be unchecked to affect only the title page.
  • If you accidentally delete the page number from the entire document, simply press ‘Ctrl + Z’ to undo.
  • For documents that require different sections, consider using ‘Next Page’ section breaks to manage page numbers separately.
  • Double-check your document before finalizing to ensure all other formatting remains intact.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the page number from the title page but keep it on subsequent pages?

By selecting ‘Different First Page’ in the ‘Header & Footer Tools’ tab, you can remove the number from the title page while keeping it on the rest of the document.

What if ‘Different First Page’ is greyed out?

This usually means you’re not in the header/footer editing mode. Double-click the header or footer area to enable this option.

Can I remove a page number from a page that’s not the title page?

Yes, you can insert a section break and then deselect ‘Link to Previous’ to remove page numbers from any specific page.

Will removing the page number from the title page affect my table of contents?

No, as long as you are using Word’s automatic table of contents feature, it will adjust accordingly.

Can I apply different formatting to the first page header/footer?

Absolutely! Once you’ve selected ‘Different First Page,’ you can format the header and footer on that page independently from the rest.


  1. Open the Header/Footer Section
  2. Unlink the Title Page
  3. Delete the Page Number


There you have it, the simple yet effective way to remove the page number from a title page in Word. This little tweak can have a big impact on the presentation of your document, and it’s a trick worth keeping up your sleeve for all your professional Word needs. Remember, details matter, especially when handing in that final report, thesis, or business proposal. Presentation is key, and knowing how to finesse your documents shows a level of care and attention that won’t go unnoticed.

As you become more familiar with Word’s capabilities, you’ll find that it’s the small features like these that make the software so powerful. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone who enjoys well-formatted documents, mastering the nuances of Word is a skill that will serve you well. So, get in there, give it a try, and remove that page number with confidence.

And hey, if you’ve found this guide helpful, why not share it with a friend or colleague? We all know someone who could use a little Word wizardry in their life. Happy editing!

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