how to add vertical text in Google Docs

How to Make Google Docs Vertical Text

Collaborating with your team on a project can be difficult. Fortunately, Google Docs comes packed with multiple features that make collaboration easier, such as changing text color or adding images within seconds. For those who want to keep their work neat but still stand out while collaborating on a project, they can take advantage of … Read more

Google Docs on desktop

How to Use Google Docs on Desktop

The suite of Google apps that are available to Google users includes a presentation tool called Google Slides, a spreadsheet tool called Google Sheets, and a word processing tool via the Google Docs app. Typically you will open a Web browser and navigate to the applications, but you might be looking for a way to … Read more

how to set a background image in Google Docs

Google Docs – Set Background Image

It can be useful to include a background image in a document when you are creating a flyer, newsletter, or other file, or when your organization requires a watermark. But you may be wondering how to set a background image in Google Docs if you have looked for that option and been unable to locate … Read more

how to use Google Docs dark mode

How to Use Google Docs Dark Mode

Are you one of the increasing number of dark mode fans and your work involves the use of Google Docs? If so, you should know that Google has introduced the dark theme to its Docs application. Despite the introduction of this dark theme, the default theme for Google Docs is almost always light. However, there … Read more

how to make a Google Sheets pie chart

How to Make a Pie Chart in Google Sheets

Google Sheets, much like other spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel, allows you to manipulate and compare data in a variety of ways. One way that you can display data is as a graph or chart. Luckily if you want to make a pie chart in Google Sheets, you are able to do so using … Read more

how to add a column in a Google Doc

How to Add a Column in a Google Doc

A new document in Google Docs is going to have one column by default. It can seem a little odd to think of a regular document as having a column, but it’s an important distinction to consider if you need another column. Fortunately you can learn how to add a column in a Google Doc … Read more