How to Change the Scale of a Text Box in Google Slides: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you need to change the scale of a text box in Google Slides? Worry not, it’s simpler than you think! In a few clicks, you can resize the text box to fit your content perfectly. Here’s a quick guide: select the text box, click and drag the blue square handles to adjust the size, and boom – you’re done!

Step by Step Tutorial: Changing the Scale of a Text Box in Google Slides

Before diving into the steps, understand that resizing a text box allows you to fit more content or make text appear larger or smaller. It’s a handy skill for customizing your presentation to your liking.

Step 1: Open your Google Slides presentation

Open the presentation that contains the text box you wish to resize. Make sure you’re logged into your Google account to edit the slides.

Opening your presentation is your first step because you can’t change anything if you don’t have your slide deck up and running, right? So, get that presentation open, and let’s move to the next step!

Step 2: Select the text box

Click on the text box you want to resize. A border with blue squares, known as handles, will appear around the text box.

Selecting the text box is crucial because it tells Google Slides, “Hey, this is the element I want to work with.” Once those blue handles pop up, you’re ready to start transforming that text box.

Step 3: Click and drag the handles to resize

Click on any of the blue square handles and drag them to adjust the size of the text box.

Dragging the handles is where the magic happens. You can pull them out to make the text box larger, or push them in to make it smaller. This step gives you control over how much space your text takes up on the slide.

After completing these steps, your text box will be perfectly scaled to your preference. It will reflow the text and ensure it fits neatly within the new dimensions you’ve set.

Tips for Changing the Scale of a Text Box in Google Slides

  • Keep your text legible; don’t scale down too much
  • Maintain the aspect ratio by holding the “Shift” key while dragging
  • Use the corner handles for even scaling
  • Double-check text alignment after scaling
  • Remember, undo is your friend if you make a mistake

Frequently Asked Questions

Will resizing the text box affect the text inside?

When you resize a text box, the text will adjust to fit the new size. If you make the box larger, the text will spread out, and if you make it smaller, the text will become more compact.

Can I undo the resizing if I make a mistake?

Absolutely! Just hit “Ctrl + Z” (or “Cmd + Z” on a Mac) to undo the last action. You can do this multiple times if needed.

What if the text doesn’t fit after resizing?

If your text doesn’t fit after resizing, you can either edit the text to make it shorter or continue adjusting the text box until everything fits.

How do I maintain the aspect ratio while resizing?

To keep the same aspect ratio (width and height proportion), hold down the “Shift” key while you drag a corner handle.

Can I resize multiple text boxes at once?

Yes, you can! Hold down the “Shift” key and click on all the text boxes you want to resize. Then, drag the handles of any selected text box, and they’ll all change in scale together.


  1. Open your Google Slides presentation
  2. Select the text box
  3. Click and drag the handles to resize


Mastering the art of scaling text boxes in Google Slides can elevate your presentations to new heights. Not only does it allow for a more polished and tailored look, but it also showcases your prowess in fine-tuning details to enhance overall readability and visual appeal. Remember, a well-scaled text box can make all the difference in conveying your message effectively. So, go ahead, play around with those text boxes, and watch your Google Slides come alive with perfectly sized content. And who knows, your newfound skill might just be the talk of the next team meeting or class presentation!

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