How to Remove Highlight in Google Docs

Google Docs offers a variety of ways to format text, including adding a highlight color to it. Use these steps to remove highlight in Google Docs.

  1. Open the document containing the highlight.
  2. Select the text with the highlight to remove.
  3. Click the Highlight color button in the toolbar.
  4. Click the None option.

Our article continues below with more information and pictures for each of the steps.

Adding a highlight color to some text in a document is an easy wat to make that text stand out from the rest of the document.

But highlighting isn’t something that every document reader will enjoy, and your school, workplace, or organization may actually prefer that you don’t use formatting like that in your documents.

Fortunately removing a highlight in Google Docs is similar to adding it, so you can remove highlight in Google docs by following a few quick steps.

How to Remove Highlight Colors in Google Docs

These steps were performed in Google Chrome, but will also work in other desktop Web browsers like Firefox or Safari.

Step 1: Sign into Google Drive and open the document with the highlighting.

Step 2: Select the highlighted text.

select the highlighted text

Step 3: Click the Highlight color button in the toolbar above the document.

click the Highlight color button

Step 4: Select the None option at the top of the color picker.

how to remove highlight in Google Docs

The highlight color should now be gone from the selected text.

If your document has a lot of highlight in it and you don’t want to individually select each highlighted section of text then you can click inside the document and press Ctrl + A to select everything. You can then follow the steps above to remove the highlight from the selection.

An additional option for removing formatting from a select is to click the Clear formatting button button at the right end of the toolbar. The button looks like a T with a slash through it. This will remove all of the formatting from a selection of text.

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