How to Stop Page Numbering in Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever been frustrated with page numbers popping up in places you don’t want them in Microsoft Word? Worry no more! In a few simple steps, you can stop page numbering and have your document looking just the way you want.

Step by Step Tutorial: Stopping Page Numbering in Word

Before diving into the steps, let’s understand what we’re about to do. We’re going to remove page numbers from specific sections of your document, while keeping them in others. Or, if you prefer, we’ll show you how to remove them entirely.

Step 1: Open the Header and Footer Section

Double-click the header or footer area of the page you want to stop numbering.

When you do this, the "Header & Footer" tab will appear on the ribbon. This is where you’ll find all the tools you need to modify page numbers.

Step 2: Break the Link to Previous Sections

Click on "Link to Previous" to turn off the linking feature.

By breaking the link to previous sections, you can stop the page numbering from continuing from the previous section. This is especially useful if you’re working on a document that has multiple chapters or sections.

Step 3: Delete the Page Number

Select the page number and press the delete key on your keyboard.

Simply deleting the page number while you’re in the header and footer section will remove it from that page and any subsequent pages in that section.

Step 4: Exit the Header and Footer Section

Click "Close Header and Footer" or double-click outside the header and footer area to exit.

Once you’ve removed the page numbers you don’t want, just exit the header and footer section and continue working on your document as usual.

After completing these steps, the page numbers you deleted will no longer appear on the pages you’ve selected. It’s that easy to customize your document’s page numbering!

Tips for Stopping Page Numbering in Word

  • If you only want to remove the page number from the first page, such as for a cover page, simply check the "Different First Page" option in the "Header & Footer" tools.
  • Remember that page numbers are section-specific. If your document is not divided into sections, removing a page number will remove it from the entire document.
  • When working with sections, make sure to first apply the necessary section breaks.
  • Use the "Format Page Numbers" feature to restart numbering at a particular number if needed.
  • Preview your document before finalizing to make sure the page numbers are formatted correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start page numbering later in my document?

You can start numbering later in your document by inserting a section break and then beginning page numbering from that point onwards.

Can I have different styles of page numbers in the same document?

Yes, you can customize each section with different page number formats and styles.

What if I want to remove all the page numbers from my document?

To remove all page numbers, select the page number in the footer and delete it. Repeat this for each section in your document.

Can I skip numbering on certain pages, like blank pages or title pages?

Yes, by breaking the link to previous sections and deselecting the page number, you can skip numbering on any page you want.

Will stopping page numbering affect the rest of my document’s format?

No, stopping page numbering will only affect the page numbers and not the rest of your document’s layout or format.


  1. Double-click the header or footer area.
  2. Click on "Link to Previous" to break the link to previous sections.
  3. Select the page number and press delete.
  4. Click "Close Header and Footer" or double-click outside the area to exit.


Stopping page numbering in Word is a nifty trick that can help you professionally format your documents. Whether you’re crafting a report, writing a book, or preparing a proposal, mastering this skill ensures that your document adheres to the required standards and looks polished. Just follow the steps above, and you’ll have full control over your page numbering in no time. Remember to check out the tips and FAQs for additional insights and solutions to common issues. With a bit of practice, you’ll be navigating Word’s page number features like a pro. And if you ever find yourself stuck, Microsoft Word’s help feature is just a few clicks away, offering detailed guides and support. Happy formatting!

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