How to Add Text to a Picture in Word: The Ultimate 2024 Guide

Adding text to a picture in Word is a handy trick to know for creating flyers, invitations, or simply for adding a personal touch to your images. Luckily, it’s a pretty straightforward process. You open up your image in Word, insert a text box, type in your message, and then format it to your liking. Voila! Your picture now has some snazzy text to go with it.

Step by Step Tutorial: Adding Text to a Picture in Word

Before we dive into the step-by-step process, let’s get clear on what we’re aiming to achieve. We’re going to take a picture and overlay it with text of our choice. This could be a caption, a title, or any message you want to communicate.

Step 1: Insert your picture

Insert the picture you want to add text to into your Word document.

Once you’ve opened your document, you’ll need to bring your picture into Word. You can do this by going to the ‘Insert’ tab and clicking on ‘Pictures.’ From there, choose the photo you want to use from your computer and it will appear in the document.

Step 2: Insert a text box

Click on the ‘Insert’ tab and select ‘Text Box’, then draw a text box over your picture.

Now that your picture is in place, it’s time to add the text. Text boxes are your best friend here. You’ll find them under the ‘Insert’ tab as well. Click on ‘Text Box’ and then click and drag to draw a box over the part of the image where you want your text to appear.

Step 3: Enter your text

Type your desired text into the text box.

With your text box positioned over the image, you can now start typing in your message. Don’t worry too much about formatting at this stage – we’ll get to that next.

Step 4: Format your text

Customize the font style, size, color, and positioning of your text.

Here’s where you can get creative. Highlight the text you just entered and use the toolbar options to change the font style, size, and color. You can also adjust the position of your text box to get the alignment just right.

Step 5: Remove text box borders

Click on the text box border and select ‘No Outline’ to make the border invisible.

If you don’t want the border of the text box to show over your image, simply click on the border of the text box to select it. Then go to the ‘Format’ tab and choose ‘Shape Outline,’ and then ‘No Outline.’ Your text will now appear as if it’s directly on the image, without any distracting box around it.

After completing these steps, your picture will now be adorned with the text you’ve chosen. Whether it’s a descriptive caption or an artistic addition, the text will complement your image and convey your message clearly.

Tips for Adding Text to a Picture in Word

  • Use contrasting colors for your text to ensure it stands out against the background image.
  • Play around with different font styles and sizes to find the perfect match for your picture.
  • To move your text box around, simply click and drag it to your desired location.
  • If your image is quite busy, consider adding a semi-transparent background to your text box for better readability.
  • Remember to save your document frequently so that you don’t lose any of your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add text to a picture in Word on a Mac?

Yes, the process for adding text to a picture in Word on a Mac is similar to the steps outlined above.

How do I make the text curve around my image?

Word does not have a feature to curve text around images, but you can manually adjust the position of your text box to create a curved effect.

Can I edit the image itself in Word?

While Word offers some basic image editing features, it’s not designed for significant image editing. For complex edits, use a dedicated photo editing tool.

How do I wrap text around my picture in Word?

To wrap text around your image, click on your image, go to the ‘Format’ tab, and select one of the options in the ‘Wrap Text’ dropdown menu.

Can I add a caption underneath my picture instead of on it?

Absolutely, just insert a text box underneath your image and type your caption there.


  1. Insert your picture
  2. Insert a text box
  3. Enter your text
  4. Format your text
  5. Remove text box borders


Adding text to a picture in Word is a nifty little skill that can elevate the presentation of your documents. Whether you’re creating marketing materials, personalizing a photo album, or just having fun with graphics, the ability to overlay text on images is a tool you’ll want to have in your arsenal. Remember the tips shared in this article to make sure your text stands out and enhances your picture, rather than detracting from it.

With practice, you’ll become a pro at manipulating text and images to suit your needs. And who knows, your Word documents might just become the talk of the town (or at least the office.) Keep experimenting with different fonts, colors, and placements to discover what works best for your images. And always remember to save your work – there’s nothing worse than losing your masterpiece to a computer glitch.

So go ahead, give it a try. You might just surprise yourself with how professional your documents can look with a simple addition of text to your pictures. And if you ever get stuck, refer back to this guide for a quick refresher. Happy text-adding!

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