how to delete an app on an iphone 7

How to Delete an App on an iPhone 7

There are a number of different things to do when you’re wondering how to free up storage space on your iPhone 7, but one of the most effective things you can do is start deleting apps that you aren’t using anymore. Over the lifespan of iPhone ownership it is very likely that you will download … Read more

how to password protect a folder on a mac

How to Password Protect a Folder on a Mac

Do you have files on your Mac that contain important personal or business information, and you would like to hide them from other people with access to the computer? An easy, fast, and secure way to do thisĀ is with a Mac program called Hider2. You can visit the Hider2 Web page and download the program … Read more

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how to delete junk files on a mac

How to Delete the Junk Files from Your MacBook

Are you running out of room on your MacBook, which is preventing you from downloading new apps, backing up your iPhone, or maybe even installing the newest Mac update? Or does it feel like the laptop is running a little slower, and you read somewhere that deleting a lot of the unnecessary files from the … Read more

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how to delete an app on the samsung galaxy on5

How to Delete an App on the Samsung Galaxy On5

Installing apps on your Android phone is one of the easiest ways to get the most out of the device. There is such a wide variety of apps that you can likely use your phone to do anything you can think about. Many of these apps are free as well, so there is little downside … Read more

how to get emojis on an iphone 7

How to Get Emojis on the iPhone 7

The little smiley faces and other similar images that you see everywhere these days are called emojis. If you want to start using them in text messages, then you may be wondering how to get emojis on the iPhone 7. Fortunately it is something that your iPhone can do by default, although the means for … Read more