How to Change Automatic Font Color in Word: Step-by-Step Guide

Changing the automatic font color in Microsoft Word is a breeze! With just a few clicks, you can personalize your documents to match your style or make them more readable. Whether you’re sprucing up a report or adding flair to an invitation, customizing your font color can make all the difference. Let’s dive into the steps so you can start making your documents pop with color.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Change Automatic Font Color in Word

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty, let’s clarify what we’re accomplishing here. We’re going to change the default font color in Word. This means that every time you start typing in a new document, the text will be the color you choose, automatically.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word

Open your Microsoft Word application to get started.

When you open Word, you’ll typically see a blank document or the start screen where you can choose a template. For our purposes, a blank document works just fine.

Step 2: Access the Font Settings

Go to the ‘Home’ tab and click on the small arrow in the bottom right corner of the ‘Font’ group.

This will open a dialog box with various font settings, including the font style, size, and color.

Step 3: Change the Font Color

In the Font dialog box, click the ‘Font Color’ drop-down menu and select your desired color.

You can choose from the theme colors, standard colors, or even create a custom color by clicking ‘More Colors’.

Step 4: Set as Default

Once you’ve selected your new font color, click the ‘Set As Default’ button at the bottom of the dialog box.

A pop-up will appear asking if you want to apply these changes to only this document or all future documents. Choose ‘All documents based on the Normal template’ to make it the automatic color for all new documents.

Step 5: Confirm and Close

Click ‘OK’ to confirm your changes and close the dialog box.

Now, whenever you start a new document, the font color will automatically be the one you selected.

After completing these steps, your new default font color will be applied to all future documents you create in Word. This can save you time and ensure consistency across your documents without having to change the font color manually each time.

Tips for Changing Automatic Font Color in Word

  • Make sure to choose a color that is readable against the background color of your document.
  • Consider the purpose of your document when selecting a font color. For example, use a professional color for business documents and something more fun for personal projects.
  • If you find the color you chose isn’t working out, you can always go back and change it again following the same steps.
  • Remember that changing the default font color won’t affect the color in existing documents, only new ones you create after the change.
  • Use ‘More Colors’ to create a custom shade that perfectly matches your needs or brand colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to change the font color just for a specific section of my document?

You can highlight the text you want to change and then use the font color option in the ‘Home’ tab to adjust only the selected text.

Can I change the font color in Word for Mac?

Yes, the steps are essentially the same. Access the Font dialog box and choose your new color from there.

Will changing the automatic font color affect the color of my hyperlinks?

No, hyperlinks have a separate color setting which can be adjusted in the ‘Styles’ menu.

Can I set multiple default font colors for different types of documents?

Unfortunately, Word only allows one default font color setting at a time. However, you can create different templates with varied font colors for specific document types.

How do I revert back to the original default font color?

Follow the steps to change the font color again, but this time choose ‘Black’ or the original color that was set as default.


  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Access the Font Settings.
  3. Change the Font Color.
  4. Set as Default.
  5. Confirm and Close.


Changing the automatic font color in Microsoft Word is a simple yet effective way to customize your document creation process. It allows you to set a preferred color that suits your style or enhances the readability of your text. By following the steps outlined above, you can make your documents stand out and maintain a consistent look across all your future work. Remember, the right font color can convey the tone and professionalism of your document, so choose wisely. If you ever find yourself needing to switch things up, you now have the knowledge to change the automatic font color in Word with ease. Happy writing!

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