How to Change Bitmoji Style on iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide

Changing your Bitmoji style on your iPhone 15 is a breeze! All you need to do is open the Bitmoji app, head to the Avatar section, tap on the ‘Edit Avatar’ option, and select the style you prefer. You can choose from Classic, Bitstrips, and Bitmoji Deluxe. Once you’ve made your choice, you can further customize your avatar to your liking.

After you’ve updated your Bitmoji style, your new avatar will automatically sync across all apps that use Bitmoji, like Snapchat and Gboard. Your friends will see your updated avatar the next time you send a Bitmoji.


Do you often find yourself stuck with an outdated Bitmoji on your iPhone 15 and craving a fresh new look? You’re not alone! Bitmoji has become a cultural phenomenon, allowing users to create personalized avatars that represent them in the digital world. Whether it’s for Snapchat, iMessage, or any other app that supports Bitmoji, having an avatar that accurately reflects your style and personality is crucial. It’s a fun way to express yourself, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a little virtual makeover now and then?

Changing your Bitmoji style can give your digital presence a whole new vibe. Whether you’re looking to update your hairstyle, outfit, or facial features, Bitmoji offers a range of options to choose from. It’s relevant not just for those who love personalizing their digital experience but also for anyone who wants to keep their online persona updated. So, if you’re ready to switch things up and learn how to change your Bitmoji style on your iPhone 15, let’s dive in!

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Step by Step Tutorial: Changing Bitmoji Style on iPhone 15

The following steps will help you change your Bitmoji style, giving your digital avatar a fresh new look that aligns with your current preferences.

Step 1: Open the Bitmoji app on your iPhone 15

Open the Bitmoji app on your device. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can find it for free in the App Store.

Once you open the Bitmoji app, you’ll see your current avatar and various menu options to edit and customize it. If you’re not already logged in, you may need to sign in with your Snapchat account or email.

Step 2: Navigate to the Avatar section

Tap on the gear icon or your avatar’s face to access the settings and navigate to the Avatar section.

In the Avatar section, you’ll find all the customization options for your Bitmoji, including style, clothing, facial features, and more.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Edit Avatar’

Select the ‘Edit Avatar’ option to start making changes to your Bitmoji style.

The ‘Edit Avatar’ screen is where the magic happens. Here, you can experiment with different styles and features to create an avatar that’s uniquely you.

Step 4: Choose your preferred Bitmoji style

Select from the available styles: Classic, Bitstrips, or Bitmoji Deluxe. Tap on your preferred style to apply it to your avatar.

Each style offers a different look and feel, with varying levels of detail and customization options. Choose the one that best represents you.

Step 5: Customize your Bitmoji

After selecting a style, customize your Bitmoji’s facial features, hair, clothes, and more to complete your new look.

The customization options are extensive, allowing you to tweak everything from the shape of your eyebrows to the shoes on your feet. Have fun with it and let your personality shine through!


PersonalizationChanging your Bitmoji style allows for a high level of personalization, ensuring your avatar is an accurate representation of you.
Improved Social ExperienceWith an updated Bitmoji, your social interactions can feel more authentic and enjoyable.
Easy to UseThe Bitmoji app is user-friendly, making the process of changing your style simple and straightforward.


Limited StylesDespite the options available, some users may find the style choices limiting and not entirely representative of their desired look.
Time-ConsumingCustomizing your Bitmoji can be time-consuming, especially if you’re someone who likes to perfect every little detail.
Compatibility IssuesOccasionally, there may be compatibility issues with certain apps not updating to your new Bitmoji style immediately.

Additional Information

When changing your Bitmoji style on your iPhone 15, don’t forget to consider the occasion or the season. Feeling festive around the holidays? Why not give your avatar a Santa hat or a spooky costume for Halloween? Bitmoji often updates its customization options with seasonal attire and accessories, so keep an eye out for those timely updates.

Another tip is to regularly check the app for new style releases. Bitmoji periodically introduces new styles and features, providing even more ways to customize your avatar. These updates can include new clothing options, accessories, facial features, and even hairstyles inspired by the latest trends.

Remember, your Bitmoji is an extension of your identity in the digital world. Whether you use it for messaging, social media, or just for fun, it’s worth taking the time to ensure it’s a reflection of who you are. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter!


  1. Open the Bitmoji app on your iPhone 15.
  2. Navigate to the Avatar section.
  3. Tap on ‘Edit Avatar’.
  4. Choose your preferred Bitmoji style.
  5. Customize your Bitmoji.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my Bitmoji style on other devices besides the iPhone 15?

Yes, you can change your Bitmoji style on any device that supports the Bitmoji app, including Android phones and tablets.

Will my friends see my new Bitmoji style immediately?

Once you update your Bitmoji style, it should sync across all apps that use Bitmoji. However, there can be a slight delay, so give it a few minutes.

Can I revert back to my old Bitmoji style if I don’t like the new one?

Absolutely, you can always go back to the ‘Edit Avatar’ section and select your previous style or make new adjustments as needed.

Are there any costs associated with changing my Bitmoji style?

No, changing your Bitmoji style is completely free. All customization options within the Bitmoji app are available at no cost.

How often does Bitmoji release new styles and features?

Bitmoji periodically releases new styles and customization features. There’s no set schedule, so it’s best to check the app regularly for updates.


Changing your Bitmoji style on your iPhone 15 is a fun and easy way to keep your digital avatar fresh and reflective of your current style. It’s a simple process that can add a personal touch to your online interactions, all while showcasing your creativity.

So go ahead, give your Bitmoji a makeover and let the world see the new you! Who knows, your updated avatar might just be the talk of your social circle. Happy customizing!

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