How to Change Your Bitmoji Avatar on an iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Changing your Bitmoji avatar on an iPhone is a simple process that involves opening the Bitmoji app, tapping on the avatar icon, choosing the ‘Edit Avatar’ option, and making the desired changes to your avatar. Whether it’s a new hairstyle, outfit, or facial feature, you can customize your Bitmoji to reflect your current style or mood. After saving the changes, your new avatar will be updated across all platforms where you use Bitmoji, giving your digital presence a fresh look.

After completing the action of changing your Bitmoji avatar, your new avatar will be immediately updated and visible to your friends and contacts across different apps like Snapchat, iMessage, and any other platforms where you’ve linked your Bitmoji. You can show off your new style and have fun expressing yourself with an avatar that’s more in line with how you currently look or feel.


In today’s digital world, personalization is the name of the game. We want our digital presence to match our real-world persona, and Bitmoji avatars offer just that – a fun, customized representation of ourselves that we can share across various social platforms. Particularly for iPhone users, who are often on the forefront of digital trends, keeping their Bitmoji updated is essential. Why? Because your Bitmoji avatar isn’t just a static image; it’s a reflection of your personality, mood, and style.

It’s used on platforms like Snapchat, Slack, and even in your iPhone keyboard. So when you change your look in real life, why not update your digital doppelganger to match? Whether you’re an avid Snapchat user, a professional using Bitmoji on Slack, or just someone who loves personalizing their digital world, an updated Bitmoji can add that extra touch of fun and identity to your everyday interactions.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Change Your Bitmoji Avatar on an iPhone

The following steps will guide you through the process of updating your Bitmoji avatar on your iPhone, ensuring your digital expression is as current and unique as you are.

Step 1: Open the Bitmoji app on your iPhone.

The first step is to locate and open your Bitmoji app. You’ll find it on your home screen or in your app library.

Opening the Bitmoji app is like stepping into your digital wardrobe. It’s the gateway to refreshing your virtual look and keeping your online persona as up-to-date as your real-life style.

Step 2: Tap on the avatar icon at the bottom of the screen.

Once the app is open, you’ll see an icon at the bottom of the screen that looks like a person. Go ahead and give that a tap.

This is essentially your digital mirror. Here, you’ll see your current Bitmoji avatar and all the options available to give it a makeover.

Step 3: Choose ‘Edit Avatar’ from the menu.

After tapping the avatar icon, a menu will open. Here you’ll find the ‘Edit Avatar’ option. Select it to start customizing your avatar.

Think of this as opening up your digital makeup and wardrobe kit, where you can change everything from your hair color to your outfit.

Step 4: Make the desired changes to your avatar.

Now you’re in the editor, where you can change your avatar’s hairstyle, skin tone, facial features, and attire. Swipe through the options and tap on the ones you want to apply.

The editor is where the magic happens. You can experiment with different looks until you find one that shouts ‘you’. Want to try a bold new hairdo or add a piercing? Go for it!

Step 5: Save your changes.

After you’ve made all your changes, look for the checkmark or ‘Save’ button on the screen. Tap it to save your new avatar.

Saving your changes is like stepping out in a new outfit. You’re now ready to show the digital world the latest version of you.


PersonalizationHaving an updated Bitmoji avatar allows for personal expression in the digital world. It’s like having a cartoon version of yourself that you can dress up according to your current style or mood.
Social PresenceAn up-to-date Bitmoji can enhance your social presence, making your interactions more fun and expressive. It’s like adding a personal touch to your digital communications.
Easy to UseThe Bitmoji app is user-friendly, making it easy to change your avatar whenever you’d like. It’s like having a personal stylist for your digital avatar at your fingertips.


Limited OptionsDespite the variety, some users may find the customization options for Bitmoji avatars limited. It’s like having a wardrobe but still not finding the perfect outfit.
Time-ConsumingFor some, updating their Bitmoji avatar can be a time-consuming process, especially if they enjoy frequently changing their look. It’s akin to spending hours in front of the mirror trying out different styles.
Dependency on TrendsBitmoji updates often follow current trends, which may not appeal to everyone. It’s like being at the mercy of fashion trends that don’t always match your personal style.

Additional Information

When it comes to creating a Bitmoji avatar that truly represents you, the devil is in the details. It’s not just about picking a hairstyle or a pair of glasses; it’s about fine-tuning the little things like eyebrow shape, eye color, and even the lines on the face that make you, well, you. And remember, it’s not just visual changes you can make. The Bitmoji app also allows for changes in dress style, which can reflect your mood, the season, or even support a cause you’re passionate about.

Plus, with every update, Bitmoji adds new features, outfits, and accessories, so there’s always something new to explore. When changing your Bitmoji avatar on an iPhone, consider the context in which you’ll be using it. Is it for work, play, or maybe a special occasion? Your Bitmoji can even sport a costume for Halloween or festive attire during the holidays. And if you’re feeling creative, why not mix and match different styles to create a unique look that stands out?


  1. Open the Bitmoji app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the avatar icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose ‘Edit Avatar’ from the menu.
  4. Make the desired changes to your avatar.
  5. Save your changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t find the Bitmoji app on my iPhone?

If you can’t find the Bitmoji app, you might need to download it from the App Store. Just search for ‘Bitmoji’ and install it.

Can I use my updated Bitmoji on other platforms besides Snapchat?

Yes, your updated Bitmoji can be used on any platform that supports Bitmoji, such as iMessage, Slack, and more.

Do I need to update my Bitmoji manually on other apps after changing it?

No, once you save your new Bitmoji, it automatically updates across all linked platforms.

Can I revert back to my old Bitmoji if I don’t like the new one?

Yes, you can always go back and edit your Bitmoji again if you want to revert to an older look or try something new.

Are there any costs associated with changing my Bitmoji avatar?

No, changing your Bitmoji avatar is free. You can customize it as often as you like without any charge.


In a world where we’re often judged by our digital presence, having an avatar that accurately represents us can go a long way. Changing your Bitmoji avatar on an iPhone is more than just a fun activity; it’s a way to ensure that your digital self is as dynamic and expressive as you are in real life. With the ease of customization and a plethora of options at your fingertips, there’s no reason not to keep your Bitmoji fresh and current.

So, dive into the Bitmoji app, experiment with the latest styles and features, and let your digital avatar shine! Remember, your Bitmoji is more than just an image; it’s the digital extension of your personality, and keeping it updated is just another way to express your unique self in the vast digital landscape.

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