how to find your ios version number on an iphone 7

How to Find the iOS Version on an iPhone 7

Sometimes you will need to know the iOS version number that is installed on your device. Whether this is because a troubleshooting guide will only work for certain versions, or that a specific iOS option is only available in some iOS versions, it’s useful information to know. Our guide below will show you where to … Read more

how to delete an app on an iphone 7

How to Delete an App on an iPhone 7

There are a number of different things to do when you’re wondering how to free up storage space on your iPhone 7, but one of the most effective things you can do is start deleting apps that you aren’t using anymore. Over the lifespan of iPhone ownership it is very likely that you will download … Read more

how to get emojis on an iphone 7

How to Get Emojis on the iPhone 7

The little smiley faces and other similar images that you see everywhere these days are called emojis. If you want to start using them in text messages, then you may be wondering how to get emojis on the iPhone 7. Fortunately it is something that your iPhone can do by default, although the means for … Read more

how to turn off lowercase keys on the phone 7

How to Disable Lowercase Keys on the iPhone 7

Your iPhone 7 keyboard can switch between uppercase and lowercase letters while you are typing. While this can be helpful in letting you know what character you are going to type next, it can be frustrating that the keys change. If you would prefer that the keys stay in the uppercase format, as they had … Read more

type silently on an iphone 7

How to Turn Off Keyboard Clicks on an iPhone 7

Find out how to turn off the clicking sound that you hear when you type a letter on your iPhone keyboard. This is a global setting that will apply to any app that uses the default keyboard, so turning off the keyboard clicks using the steps below will affect apps like Messages, Mail, Notes, and … Read more