how to save Google Docs as PDF

How to Save a Google Doc as a PDF

Google Docs is one of the most popular document-editing and creation tools around. It provides many of the same features that you would find in other paid document applications, but it’s available for free to anyone with a Google Account. One of the drawbacks to Google Docs, however, is that it uses its own file … Read more

how to make Google Docs horizontal page

How to Make Google Docs Horizontal Pages

When you create new documents in Google Docs, your pages will be vertical by default. This means that the top and bottom edges are shorter than the left and right edges. This setting is called the page orientation, and it’s something that you can change for any document that you create in Google Docs. Our … Read more

how to download Google Docs as a Word file

How to Download Google Docs as Word

Google Docs is a great option for people that need to create and edit documents. It’s a free application available to anyone with a Google account, and it has many of the same feature that you would find in other paid word processing applications. Google Docs gives you the ability to share your files with … Read more

how to add a table in Google Docs

How to Insert a Table in Google Docs

Often when you are working with data that requires a table layout, then a spreadsheet application like Google Sheets is the ideal choice. But other times your table data might be part of a larger picture that is being presented in a document. Whether that document is for school or work, it’s pretty common to … Read more

how to strikethrough text in Google Docs

How to Strikethrough Text in Google Docs [Guide]

Strikethrough text in Google Docs and other word-processing applications is a feature which lets you indicate that a word or phrase has been updated without actually deleting the original content. It’s helpful both during the document editing process, as well as in the final document. For example, some authors use strikethrough to indicate what they … Read more

how to delete a link in Google Docs

How to Delete a Link in Google Docs

Creating a hyperlink in a Google Docs document provides an easy way for document readers to visit a Web page that is relevant to your content. Hyperlinks are indicated by a blue underline within the document, making them very easy to identify. But you may have links in your document that you don’t want or … Read more